About Royal Rajapalayam

I'm Andrews

I am a dog lover from Kottayam, Kerala, India, and have been raising Rajapalayam dogs for over a decade.

We started the Royal Rajapalayam initiative to bring together Rajapalayam dog lovers in a forum where topics related to the breed could be discussed, and where members could network with one another.

It is our hope that Royal Rajapalayam helps the Rajapalayam breed garner more attention and recognition an one of South Asia’s high-pedigree breeds.

Andrews Joseph


Royal Rajapalayam

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What Makes Us Unique

Ethical and Compassionate Breeding

The dogs are only bred with their health being the priority.

Happy Dogs

We always keep the well-being of the dog in mind.

15+ Years of Experience

Royal Rajapalayam has provided ethically bred dogs for over a decade.

Team Royal Rajapalayam

Royal Rajapalayam is led by Andrews Joseph, and is supported by a network of ethical breeders across the country.

Pratheesh Kurup


Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

Join the Royal Rajapalayam Family

We are always looking for ethical breeders and dog enthusiasts and over to join our family. Get in touch to find out how you can join us:

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